AccNetMAC management reports

This module allows you to create complicated management reports as templates on the Excel platform by combining data in AccNet with Excel’s external data through ACNXL Services.

AccNetMAC makes it possible to quickly retrieve basic data from AccNet through Excel spreadsheets. This service is provided as functions and enters Excel automatically as add-ins.

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From Excel, a very common environment, you can use this service to retrieve AccNet’s basic data and combine them with Excel to create the required management reports.

Reports are created only once and will be used for many reporting periods.

Typical management reports

  • Cash flow reports (direct method)
  • Financial report presentations
  • Profit and loss reports from departments
  • Reports on business result analysis: Compare plans with reality, compare monthly/quarterly/yearly growth rates
  • Set of reports: Analysis of financial reports, Analysis of balance sheets, Analysis of cash flow and business results.

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