Selling management

Advantages of the Selling Management module:

  • Process order forms: Create a quotation -> Create an order form -> Perform a goods issue -> Deliver goods -> Issue an invoice
  • Prices and discounts are easily and flexibly updated.
  • Any policy includes:
    • Configuration, size, color
    • Payment terms, payment mode, transportation mode, warehousing
  • Verify debt limits and availability of goods on order forms.
  • Deliver goods in stages to different addresses from one order form.
  • Control the actual quantity of goods delivered.
  • Manage selling from contracts.
  • Manage selling with immediate payment.
  • Issue goods in stages but issue the invoice only once, issue a series of invoices for order forms.
  • Keep track of sales and calculate sales commission for salespeople.
  • List order forms, analyze multidirectional selling:
    • Product group, size, color_
    • Customer group, type of customer, salesperson.
    • Geographical location: Country, province/city, district, ward.
    • Selling conditions: Payment terms, payment mode; transportation mode.
    • Comparable to…
    • Based on the total number.
    • Other objects: Line of business; department, cost center, contract.
  • Group of products/customers/salespeople … with the highest/lowest sales and accrued interest.
  • Integrate fully with other modules.


Detail order form

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