Today,  the demand for business management software is higher and higher but there are a very large number of ERP solution providers on the market, although they may be domestic or foreign companies.

So what is the best ERP solution?

The best ERP solution must be the one which fulfills your company’s requirements and brings real benefits to it when coming into use.

So what criteria should we use for selecting the most suitable ERP solution?

The provider should be a prestigious large company.

ERP software is not only important but also applicable for a relatively long time, so you should choose among prestigious and established providers to ensure its good operation throughout its life cycle.

With 26 years’ experience in the trade, Lac Viet is a prestigious and established provider. Not only does it gain domestic companies‘ confidence, it is also a reliable partner of the world-famous brands like Intel, Microsoft, Blockchain Solutions … Lac Viet is even the sole distributor of Dell in Vietnam.

The product has been developed for a long time.

Why is such a product required? As far as an IT solution, especially an important one, is concerned, a product that has been developed for a long time means it has been put to the test for a long time, so it must be highly stable and errors rarely occur during its life cycle.

First released in the first quarter of 1995, AccNetERP has served more than 20,000 large and medium-sized companies for 25 years. We have extracted essential values from tens of years’ experience to provide you with useful solutions.

Consultants must be professional

When you need an ERP system,  you will lay down detailed requirements to see if it can meet them. In this case, a provider with experienced and established consultants will not only satisfy all your needs but also offer the best solutions to save time, money and ensure the ERP system’s best operation.  AccNetERP has experienced and established consultants, who can understand, analyze your needs exactly to suggest suitable and necessary solutions.

Software implementation must meet deadlines

A provider must have clear implementation plans so that the deadlines are met and your needs are satisfied, thus preventing common delays in software implementation.

After-sales support must be satisfactory

When your ERP system is simultaneously used by many users from different departments, a permanent support team is needed to support them in time.